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Ridgeline Motorsport

Ridgeline Motorsport 1:1 M235/240ir Racing Wing

Ridgeline Motorsport 1:1 M235/240ir Racing Wing

Side Plates
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Introducing the new member of our carbon fiber lineup, our 1:1 M235/240iR rear wing. The reason why we started this project is because we are not satisfied with existing products here in the States. 

Over the years, Me and my partner have personally bought a few sets of wings locally and we found either the side plate has a weird shape, or the wing stands are way higher than OEM.

    We are saying no to this kind of situation. Introducing our Ridgelinemotorsport M235/240iR wing, everything is molded 1:1 after OEM parts, wing stands are fully CNC’d 6061-T651 billet aluminum anodized in black color (Color customizable). We also have 2 options for sideplates, molded carbon which will have the same appearance as the center piece or CNC cut dry carbon plate (matte finish). We tried to include identical OEM sideplates but beyond our expectation the OEM side plate is not ABS plastic or acrylic, it's a different material that costs way more than dry carbon plates and we couldn’t source it (sad). 

    Our products feature the best quality and fitment in the price range. In the case of the M235iR wing, I believe that we are the first company doing 1:1 rep here in the states. We admit our carbon is as good as those pre-preged autoclaved “dry-carbon” but those wings are generally up in the $2000 range. We are aiming for a balance between price and quality and we can promise that our product has the best quality and appearance in all “wet carbon” products.

    • Pre-drilled and hardwares included
    • Best fitment possible with Vacuum Infusion CF
    • 2x2 Carbon Fiber Weave
    • Professional Installation Required


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