RidgelineMotorsport Steering Wheel Solution Installation Guide

RidgelineMotorsport Steering Wheel Solution Installation Guide

When installing our steering wheel set up you WILL NEED TO DELETE THE FACTORY STEERING WHEEL AIR BAG.

Thus, for safety reasons we recommend using our set up along with proper roll cage, 6 point harness and HANS device with a crash helmet as our steering wheel set up is STRICTLY FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY

We do offer warrenty for product defects such as Paddle shifter/buttons malfunction and misalignment of the adapter hub. However, our warranty does not cover for Installation Errors, therefore, we recommend finding a certified mechanic to install our steering wheel for you. 

1.Sandwich our control hub between the quick release upper piece and the steering wheel, use the long recessed bolts to secure them in place.

2.Park your car straight, make sure the steering wheel is in the center position.

3.Disconnect the battery ( Important! )

4.Unplug the OEM airbag harness and steering wheel connectors. When the connector on the clock spring is exposed, please be extra careful as shorting the pins can blow the SZL fuses or even fry the entire FRM. Therefore, we recommend disconnecting the battery every time when plugging/unplugging the connector. 

Please be careful when handling the clock spring as BMW clock springs are extremely fragile, when plugging/unplugging the connector, please make sure you are not putting tension on the clock spring, we recommend taping the the clock spring in place when doing the installation as misaligned clock spring can cause TC malfunction.

5.Take off the OEM steering wheel, using a impact wrench is preferred.

6.Plug in our control hub and the wiring harness, follow by installing the adapter hub, make sure its centered and install the 16mm OEM bolt then wrap the wires around the adapter hub and secure them using zipties.

7.Install the quick release lower piece and plug your steering wheel in.

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